Black and Green Review is broken down into 4 primary sections: 

  • Essays: Writings intended to challenge and push forward the AP and GA critiques of civilization.

  • Discussion: Lacking the formality of an essay, this section is for ideas in the works, responses and reactions.

  • Field Notes from the Primal War: A look at particular actions and movements directed at resistance to civilization.

  • Reviews: Engaging and drawing on relevant publications.

     We actively seek discussion, submissions, letters, essays, and anything else relevant. We do edit for spelling, grammar, syntax, and to try and draw out and clarify central points, but work with authors through that process.
     If you have questions or thoughts about any of this, feel free to contact us.
     We are also open to suggested subjects for any of the above sections.

Submission guidelines:


  • Nothing personal, but while we occasionally run some poetry, it's not a huge priority. 

  • Preferred documents are Word files. 

  • If you're working on something that we might be interested, send us a write up about what it is you're going after, anticipated word count, estimated date of completion. If it's over 2,000 words, feel free to link us to something else that you've written as well. 

  • Take your time to make your documents carefully. Single space between words and sentences, consistency in terms of references if you use them, single font and font size/color. If you have things spaced for a particular reason, make sure it is clear and consistent. 

  • MLA style reference formatting!

  • We are really interested in getting submissions, but please be aware that our editorial collective is really interested in helping hone in any and all submissions through a fairly rigorous discussion over every piece. Don't be discouraged, but essays are particularly subject to scrutiny. 

  • We are interested in pieces that are really pushing into or elaborating on the unexplored regions of the anti-civilization critique and praxis. Pieces that focus on personal experience, lessons learned, learning from our mistakes, and expansive analysis are greatly preferred over broad introductory pieces. 

  • Open ended questions or "discussive" pieces are what the "For Discussion" category was built for. 

  • If you have any questions, just ask.

Please note that we employ security culture guidelines and will not print anything that crosses the line into advocacy of direct action nor any kind of posturing bullshit. Contributors are free to use pseudonyms, but for the sake of discussion we request that they be consistent in their use.

Email: blackandgreenreview (at) gmail (dot) com
Physical mail: Black and Green PO Box 402 Salem, MO 65560


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