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2018 was an insane year. Rest assured, there will be no period of rest anytime soon.

The world is burning. Literally and figuratively. The reality that civilization was headed right off a cliff was obvious long ago, but the warnings, to date, have yet to be heeded. I don't know if it's too late, but we're not going to stop screaming about it.

We need your help to amplify our anger. To remind the world that change won't come at the polls, it comes in pulling the plug. Literally and figuratively. At no point is there a wind down period where neo-liberals and neo-fascists meet on climate change and realize that we need to pull together. There's a narrative of politicians that it might happen, that it will happen. A narrative that if we keep pushing, there will be a moment of reckoning and that civilization will prevail.

And in the meantime, what are we seeing? A rising tide of fascists, emboldened by political level and unhindered by liberal well-wishing and calls for oversight. Fires rage, droughts continue, floods hit new levels, there are die offs and new diseases, gluts of trash and food shortages. Borders and nationalism rise while we face the end of the Holocene, a period that will be marked by the end of stationarity (the dependable range of temperatures required by global systems, like agriculture and logistics).

The "normal" that made settlements possible, allowed carrying capacity to be extended temporarily and temporally, is fucking gone.

We don't have to go with it.

For no reason, we are more willing to accept catastrophic die off and even our own extinction than to accept, as those facing the end of every civilization prior and those who were stuck in the sights of this globalized Leviathan have, that we can do something about this.

This is the core of the message of Black and Green, as it has been since 2000: we were better off without civilization. The world will be better off when it is gone. That becomes exponentially more true with time.

It is the purpose of Black and Green to spread that message far and wide. To back it up, to articulate it, and to confront. That is what B&G will always stand for. This is our line: we refuse to watch the world be killed off and do nothing.

And so we need your help.

The reality is that the networks B&G started in are gone. Probably for good. Few journals have stood the test of social networks and social networks have tanked the ability to talk about new projects and promote them without falling into their bullshit. None of this goes anywhere without word spreading. We need it to spread further and faster than wildfire, hopefully as destructive too.

The unfortunate reality is that this project takes a lot of cash. B&G is built around the idea of promoting ideas, so, as far as a capitalist sees it, B&G is bleak as a "business." That view isn't really a problem, but as the books expand in size and number and the sites increase, the costs do too. The price you see on a book or shirt is based around doing things for as little as possible just to sustain the project, but it's never been done without donations.

So there's two major ways to help: donate to B&G and buy books. Most importantly, read them and talk about them. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Let the words be weapons and, if need be, use the books as weapons too. Like what we're doing? Write reviews, rate the books, rate the podcast, and, again, tell your friends.

I know, you're asking yourself, how can I help? Calm down, it's easy. Instead of doing a fund raising campaign, we're cutting out the middle man. You've got two main options:

Patreon - automatically makes monthly donations, keeps things running ($40+ per month and you get free books!)

Paypal - just make a one time donation or sign up for monthly donations

Anything and everything is appreciated. Why? Okay, I'll tell you...

2018 in review:

Finally caved on the most requested thing to date: Black and Green Podcast. We're fifteen episodes deep and much more to come.

Books published;

Black and Green Review no 5

Gathered Remains: Essays on Wildness, Domestication, Community, and Resistance - Kevin Tucker

What's coming in 2019:

The biggest thing about 2018, for me at least, is the stuff that hasn't come out yet.

I set a pretty ridiculous goal for myself in terms of writing and that is continuing. Indefinitely. Turns out civilization is still here. But the end result of a lot of that is going to be coming out in quick succession through 2019, hence the need to get as much help financially and in terms of support and sharing possible. I've been too busy working to be able to really promote the work. Too busy printing books to be able to spend hypothetical money on stickers or other little things that help get the word out there. It's a bind, I'm aware.

Anyways, this is what is headed to the press before the end of 2018, meaning it should be available January-February 2019:

Black and Green Review no 6

The Cull of Personality: Ayahuasca, Colonialism, and the Death of a Healer - Kevin Tucker

Potentially, that could be followed almost immediately by a much revised and expanded edition of For Wildness and Anarchy. The more help we can get, very immediately, the more that comes out. There are a handful of other book projects that could be a quick turnaround, but aren't ready to announce them yet. Black and Green Review will keep on coming.

Outside of that, I've spent the last two years my ongoing book, one that is immediately becoming more relevant: Of Gods and Country: The Domestication of the World. It's a beast of a book that balances the narrative of the rise of nationalism, patriarchy, and religion with the frontier embodiment of all three: missionaries. It is not, as they say, beach reading material. It's a grotesque and painful look at what the costs of civilization are and what that frontline of civilization really entails. A reminder of what civilization takes.

Needless to say, there's a flood of crucial work that needs to come out here. Much of it ready to go. The more help we get, the more that comes out and quicker.

We'll be here, till the end. Fighting. Remembering. Learning how to live. Searching for schematics.

Any help we can get along the way, gets us that much further in the end, towards the end.

For wildness and anarchy,


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