Black & Green Podcast 8: 5-6-2018

Two parter!

Black & Green Podcast 8, Parts 1 & 2: 5-6-2018.

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The unfortunate murder of "Ayahuasca shaman", Olivia Arévalo Lomas. Colonization and entitlement. The madness of the frontier and how the white murderer remains the story. The creepy world of guru tourism. The failed search for meaning as captives within civilization and how colonization powers entitlement escapism. The implications for rewilding. Bashing the feel-good eco-capitalism of Guayaki brand yerba mate. The genocide of the Aché and who is complicit. Slavery and plantations as the product of missionaries. Rewilding and resisting a system that makes white privilege possible. Battling civilization as a whole rather than falling for gurus.

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