A sale, an interview, some shirts, and some books.

Got a whole lot in the works right now. Two books in the finalization process and going to be press-bound soon:

First up: Black and Green Review no 5.

We've been in the habit of growing in size and this time is no exception. A bit of a behemoth in the lurks, a year in the making. Pre-orders will start up in about a week or so. Very stoked to get this out there.

Second up: Gathered Remains. The second collection of essays from Kevin Tucker.

It's a big one and a pure honor to feature art from Mazatl. Pre-orders coming soon.

Since we've got a lot going to the printer very soon (and much, much more in 2018), we're doing a sale on all current and in-stock Black & Green titles and merch, including the three new shirts posted above. For 15% off orders over $25, use coupon code: PRINTINGBILLS

KT was also interviewed recently by Final Straw. The lengthy interview was posted over two episodes.

First part is here: https://thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org/post/2017/10/01/kevin-tucker-on-anarcho-primitivism-pt1/

Part two is here: https://thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org/post/2017/10/08/kevin-tucker-on-anarcho-primitivism-pt2/

Much more on the way!

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