Pre-orders: BAGR 3 reprint and new shirts!

Black and Green Review

Black and Green Review no 3 is currently sold out!! We will be reprinting it and are taking pre-orders now. If you're looking to table books, sell them in your distro, distribute them, have them donated to prisoners or infoshops, please email us. Will be updating the site as we get more information.

In case you haven't seen it yet, Black and Green Review no 4 is out now! Order that here.

New shirt designs and pre-orders!

We've got two new shirts ready to go. We're currently taking pre-orders, through February 7th. Prices include shipping, but international shipping on shirts is difficult. What I've done before is to do an international box deal where we just fill a flat rate box with books. That hasn't been fully determined yet, but email us to get that figured out.

Shirt One: 'You Were Born Wild'

Two sided shirt: 'You were born wild' front and Paul Shepard quote on the back. Shirt color options! Either black print on military green shirt or white print on black shirt.

Pre-order the shirt here.

Shirt Two: Downed Powerlines

Black & Green: Downed Powerlines. White print on black shirt.

Pre-order the shirt here.

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